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Sinclair Confirms Ransomware Attack That Disrupted TV Stations

Sinclair Broadcast Group, which boasts hundreds of local television stations across the United States, confirmed on Monday that it had suffered from a major cyberattack that resulted in data theft. Sinclair is currently unsure what information has been accessed by the hackers. The incident disrupted advertising operations and has spread to many of its owned TV affiliates since the time of the attack. This has resulted in program disruptions as local broadcasts are unable to air. According to a statement made to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Sinclair’s company general and office operations have been impacted by the cyberattack.

The company identified the attack on October 16 and began to investigate the initial signs of the breach. A day later, the company was able to confirm which server and workstations in its environment had been encrypted with ransomware. Sinclair has reportedly been actively managing the fallout from the attack after initiating its incident-response plan. An investigation into the incident remains ongoing.

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