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Poland passes legislation allowing migrant pushbacks at border

Poland’s parliament passed legislation on Thursday that aims to legalized pushbacks of migrants across its borders according to human rights advocates. This legislation is contradictory to the country’s commitments under international law. Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have had in increase in migrants from countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Rights groups have criticized the nationalist government in Poland over their tactics for handling migration and have accused the government of illegal pushbacks. Since the surge of migrants, six people have been found dead near the border. The legislation allowing legal pushbacks must be signed by President Andrzej to take force. One of the allowances of the legislation is that people caught illegally crossing the border can be ordered to leave Polish territory by the local Border Guard chief, this order can be repealed by the commander of the Border Guard. Also, the chief of the Office of Foreigners can disregard an application for international protection by a foreigner who is caught after illegally crossing the border. This is contrary to the international law allowing migrants to claim asylum.

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