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Navy Warship’s Facebook Page Hacked to Stream ‘Age of Empires’ Gaming

The Navy has acknowledged an attack that targeted the Navy warship USS Kidd’s Facebook page. The hacker streamed hours of Age of Empires play to the page, in a funny incident that has serious cybersecurity consequences. The official Facebook page of the destroyer-class warship was accessed for roughly two days before the live streams halted on October 4. Age of Empire is a real-time online multiplayer strategy game in which the player aims to advance civilization. The prankster hackers also changed the page type listing in the About information to “Gaming Video Creator.”

The incident gained tons of attention, garnering thousands of views and hundreds of amused comments. The page was officially taken over last Sunday and the prankster halted live streams on October 4. The Navy admitted to the attack, stating that the Facebook page suffered from unauthorized access from an unknown entity. The access has since been secured by Facebook and the Navy is waiting to regain access to the page.

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