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Ethiopia to expel UN officials amid fears of Tigray famine

Ethiopia is expelling seven senior UN officials from the country just days after the organization’s aid chief warned that the Tigray region was nearing a famine. The aid chief stated that the government’s blockade of aid deliveries was causing the Tigray region to suffer from starvation and food shortages that are beginning to reach desperate levels. Among those who have been ordered to leave the country are officials from the UN Children’s Fund, the UN Office of Humanitarian Affairs, organizations coordinating relief efforts in Tigray. Tigray has been devastated by a war with the Ethiopian government that has been ongoing for almost a year.

On Thursday, the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the UN officials of meddling in the internal affairs of the country. The officials have been given 72 hours to leave Ethiopia amid international criticisms over the treatment of Tigray and the role of the government in restricting access to aid. In September President Joe Biden threatened to impose new sanctions on Ethiopian officials and other parties to the conflict if they refused to open up humanitarian access.

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