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Russia Behind ‘Ghostwriter’ Campaign Targeting Germany

The European Union has blamed Russia for an ongoing disinformation campaign referred to as Ghostwriter that is targeting Germany amid political events and elections. Germany is only the latest target of the campaign, which has been ongoing for years and previously attempted to discredit NATO, smeared and cyberattacked Parliament members, politicians, government officials, and journalists. This is also not the first time that the spearphishing and disinformation campaign has been linked to Russia. However, in the wake of cyberattacks targeting Germany’s recent elections, the EU Council made the link between the campaign and Russia official.

Last Friday, the EU put out a press release stating that the Russian cyber attackers were targeting numerous members of Parliaments, government officials, politicians, and other figures through malicious cyber activities that aim to disrupt politics in Germany. The EU also claimed that Russian nationals had accessed computer systems and personal accounts to steal data. The Council also noticed numerous attempts to steal login credentials to commit identity theft prior to the German federal election, which occurred on September 26, and spearphishing attacks targeting Parliament members.

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