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Eftpos granted government accreditation as first private ID exchange operator

Eftpos has become the first Australian non-government entity accredited to operate a digital identity exchange under the federal government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework. Eftpos can now facilitate online transactions requiring a digital identity from Australians through its connectID program.  Eftpos sent the tool live in June as a subsidiary of the organization. The program is designed to act as a broker between identity service providers and merchants or government agencies that require identity verification such as proof of age, address, or bank account information.

Eftpos will work with the federal government and the banking industry’s Trusted Digital Identity Frameworks. The Australian government already has its own digital identity solution called myGovID, however, Eftpos stated that its solution may provide a smoother and faster onboarding experience for government services. ConnectID allegedly does not store any data pertaining to customers’ identities, therefore, boosting security as well. Eftpos applied for the accreditation in May and became the first to receive the honor.

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