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Islamic State Attacks in Eastern Afghanistan Challenge Taliban Rule

The Islamic State’s regional affiliate is challenging the Taliban’s control of Afghanistan as a group of attacks killed at least five people in the Nangarhar province on Wednesday. The attacks included at least two bombings and a gun attack in Jalalabad. At least two Taliban fighters and a civilian were killed in the shooting attack. The Islamic State-Khorasan Province claimed responsibility for the attacks. 

Both the Taliban and ISKP want to impose strict Islamic rule over Afghanistan, however, the two groups have major political and religious differences. One difference is the Taliban wants friendly relations with all other nations, and the Islamic State doesn’t recognize other modern nation-states and seeks for global conquest. The ISKP is comprised of mostly militants from Afghanistan and Pakistan who have left the Taliban or other jihadist groups that were not extreme enough. The Taliban shows no mercy to ISKP, even after offering amnesty to members of the Afghan republic’s security forces. 

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