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Amazon Driver-Surveillance Cameras Roll Out, Sparking Debate

Drivers working for Amazon Delivery Service Partners are under constant surveillance for safe driving. They are currently monitored by artificial intelligence systems that award them with scores for safe driving. The score is used to give out bonuses, promotions, and more incentives. Some drivers have complained that the technology is too sensitive and inaccurate, making their jobs miserable and preventing them from receiving financial incentives. However, Amazon spokeswoman Alexandra Miller stated that the choice between unhappy drivers and increased safety is easy.

Amazon rolled out the pilot program for its new AI video surveillance program using technology from Netradyne. So far, roughly half of Amazon’s fleet boasts the technology. Since the program was launched, Amazon has experienced a 48% decrease in accidents. Drivers running stop signs and red lights also fell by 77% and distracted driving by 75%. Amazon states that the video footage protects drivers as well, in the event they may be wrongly accused of something or experience an attack from an individual in the community.

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