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Sudanese government official says failed coup plotters were from Bashir regime

On Tuesday, several Sudanese officers attempted to overthrow the government in a military coup. However, the coup failed and most of the involved individuals have been arrested, according to government sources. Roughly 40 officers were arrested in connection with the attempt, which included taking over the state broadcaster’s television buildings and the military general command. After the incident, Sudan’s military spread out across the capital city of Khartoum. The Sudanese Minister of information and media and government spokesman Hamza Bloul confirmed that the situation was under control following the attempted coup.

Bloul stated that those arrested are being interrogated and that the final coup cells had been thwarted in the Shaghara military base. Authorities are still tracking down some members of the former regime who played a role in the attempt. Bloul requested that citizens proceed with caution and continue to be vigilant and aware of the attempts against the December Revolution. The Sudanese government has largely blamed the Bashir regime for the coup and plans to hand Bashir over to the International Criminal Court for prosecution. Bashir ruled Sudan for three decades and currently faces charges related to war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity.

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