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Aukus: US and UK face international backlash over Australia defence deal

The new security pact the Us and UK signed with Australia is facing growing international criticism. Aukus, the alliance, was announced on Wednesday and it does not mention China, however it is seen as an effort to counter Beijing’s influence in the South China Sea. France was angered by the move and China accused the powers of having a “Cold War mentality.” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnosn claims the agreement was not directed towards China. 

The agreement raised concerns over the implications that could lead to the countries being dragged into war with China. France also is angry due to a submarine deal they had previously signed with Australia. French diplomats cancelled a gala in Washington, meant to celebrate ties between the two countries, in retaliation. The deal will also see the allies share artificial intelligence, cyber capabilities, and undersea technology along with the main purpose of the US and UK giving Australia the technology to build nuclear-powered submarines.

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