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REvil/Sodinokibi Ransomware Universal Decryptor Key Is Out

Bitdefender collaborated with law enforcement to create a key that would release data encrypted in ransomware attacks before the REvil ransomware gang disappeared from the internet on July 13. The universal decryption key will be free for victims of REvil ransomware attacks. The firm announced that it will be passing out the key on Thursday morning, just days after REvil made an appearance on the dark web.

Last month, REvil victim Kaseya was able to obtain what is believed to be a master decryption key for REvil attacks. However, researchers soon discovered that the key only worked for files locked in the Kaseya attack. Bitdefender did not share many details on how the company developed the key, however, they did work with law enforcement to do so. Bitdefender stated that the situation represents an ongoing investigation, meaning that sharing details is limited. When REvil shut down unexpectedly in July, it left victims with no hope of recovering encrypted data, but with the new key, there may be hope for the ransomware gang’s victims.

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