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Sacked Employee Deletes 21GB of Credit Union Files

Juliana Barile of Brooklyn, a former credit union employee, is currently facing a decade behind bars after pleading guilty to destroying large amounts of corporate data in revenge for being fired. Barile admitted to one count of computer intrusion due to unauthorized access to the data on her former employer’s computer system. Barile allegedly accessed the file server of the New York-based credit union two days after her termination. Barile is said to have opened confidential files and deleted 21.3GB of data, including 3500 directories and 20,000 files. According to the Department of Justice, the deleted files mainly pertained to mortgage loan applications and anti-ransomware software.

Barile allegedly sent a text message to a friend shortly after her actions claiming to have deleted shared network documents. The credit union spent $10,000 fixing the intrusion and deletions. FBI assistant director Michael Driscoll stated that Barile did just as much harm to the company’s customers as she did the company, creating a huge security risk for the bank and delaying paperwork and approvals. The case highlights the importance of offboarding terminated employees and affirms the risk of insider threats.

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