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Fortress Home Security Open to Remote Disarmament

A new pair of security vulnerabilities in the Fortress S03 WiFi Home Security System could potentially allow cyberattackers to remotely disarm the system. This flaw could leave homes open to unlawful entry without security. Unauthenticated cyberattackers who exploit the vulnerability would gain access to window, door, and motion-sensor monitoring provided by the Fortress System. The Fortress platform is a consumer-grade home security system that allows users to utilize various sensors, IP Cameras, and accessories over WiFi. The platform uses RF fobs for system control, such as arming and disarming monitors on entry points.

The first vulnerability is the result of an insecure cloud API deployment and can be trivially exploited by unauthenticated users. Ultimately, attackers can disarm the system by sending a specially crafted POST to the API if the malicious actor knows a user’s email address. Rapid7 stated that the exploit may be too difficult for ransom home invaders, however, would likely be successful for targeted attacks, particularly those in stalking situations. Rapid7 stated that the likelihood of an attacker randomly leveraging the vulnerability to access Fortress systems is low.

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