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Rights Group Advises Afghans to Delete Data

Human Rights First, an activist group based in the US, is encouraging Afghans to delete their data in order to protect themselves from the Taliban. The human rights group believes that the Taliban may use Afghans’ data against them. The militant organization seized control of Afghanistan on August 15, and just recently declared victory after gaining control of the Kabul Airport that was under the control of the United States up until yesterday. Human Rights First is urging all Afghans who remain in the county to erase their digital footprints. The group published a guide in Farsi that details how to delete the digital history.

The same report was also produced last year to aid activists in Hong Kong. The guide also teaches individuals how to evade biometrics. The Taliban could, according to the chief technology officer at Human Rights First, use Afghans’ data to target those who had worked with the previous government, been a member of its security forces, and its foreign allies. The group also mentioned that the Taliban now had access to sophisticated biometric technology, including those with the capability to scan irises, fingerprints, and conduct facial recognition.

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