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T-Mobile Breach Now Affects 54.6 Million Individuals

According to new reports from T-Mobile, an additional six million current and former customers were affected by a recently disclosed data breach. The firm stated that it has effectively closed off access and egress points for the attack. Information exposed includes IMEIs, ISMIs, addresses, names, dates of birth, phone numbers, and more. The total number of T-Mobile customers affected by the attack is now roughly 13.1 million. Security professionals state that the breach of IMEI and ISMI information has put those affected by the breach at a greater risk of SIM swapping fraud.

These figures are on top of 40 million former and prospective customers who applied for credit and whose details were later stolen by attackers. In total, 54.6 million current, former, and prospective customers have been affected by the breach. Security researchers state that the situation remains extremely concerning as T-Mobile was only made aware of the incident after a threat actor began selling the stolen data online. This means that those affected are already at risk and further attacks on victims will likely follow.

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