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Brazilian National Treasury hit with ransomware attack

Last Friday, the Brazilian government was allegedly a victim of a ransomware attack that targeted its National Treasury. A statement was released by the Ministry of Economy detailing initial measures that were taken to contain the impact of the cyberattack. The preliminary assessments of the attack have confirmed that there was no damage to the structuring systems of the agency, such as the platforms used by the public for affairs such as debt administration. The effects of the ransomware attack are still under investigation.

The Ministry assured the public that new information regarding the incident will be disclosed in a timely manner. The Brazilian Stock Exchange also released a statement confirming that the attack did not affect the operations of Tesouro Direto, a program that allows people to purchase Brazilian government bonds. The incident is reminiscent of a cyberattack that was discovered in November of last year that targeted the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court. However, this attack had more immediate effects, bringing the Court’s systems to a standstill for two weeks.

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