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Islamic State Propaganda Networks are Thriving says Europol

Europol has warned that although official propaganda from the Islamic State has reportedly declined since 2020 due to disruptions from Western coalition forces, informal supporter networks are alive and well. The law enforcement agency detailed the key trends of last year, noting the persistence of terrorist content across multiple online channels. The findings were reported in the agency’s latest Online Jihadist Propaganda report. According to Europol’s executive director, Catherine De Bolle, the terrorist group has not halted its significant efforts to create effective online communication campaigns as a means of recruiting more members.

Although the group’s official propaganda capabilities were muted in 2020 due to a significant loss of personnel and infrastructure, older videos and content are still circulating. IS-supporting media outlets have allegedly expanded their digital output and offered assistance to IS members on how to use private channels to stay hidden and communicate securely and effectively. According to Europol, IS-aligned media outlets that boast high levels of security, privacy, and encrypted communications have remained committed to their mission of providing online security awareness to Islamic State supporters.

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