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Half of US Hospitals Shut Down Networks Due to Ransomware

According to a new study by Phillips and CyberMDX, almost half of US hospitals have taken their networks offline within the past six months due to ransomware. The study, which is titled the Perspectives in Healthcare Security Report, bases its findings on interviews with 130 different IT and cybersecurity hospital executives, biomedical engineers, and technicians. The study revealed the impact ransomware continues to have on healthcare organizations. Healthcare organizations witnessed a surge in ransomware attacks during the early months of the pandemic, however, it seems as though this trend has not disappeared.

Respondents reported that they made the decision to shut down networks both proactively to avoid a breach and due to severe malware infection. According to the findings of the study, medium-sized hospitals suffered the most from the impact of ransomware attacks. Large facilities reported an average of 6 hours downtime at the price of $21,000 per hour, whereas medium-sized hospitals averaged 10 hours at over $45,000 per hour.

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