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At least 20 people killed when fuel tank explodes in Lebanon

At least 20 people have died due to a fuel tank explosion in northern Lebanon, according to reports from the Lebanese Red Cross. The incident occurred in the Akkar region and injured an additional 79 individuals. Lebanon is currently facing a severe fuel shortage that has resulted in extended blackouts and long lines at gas stations. According to military and security sources, the Lebanese army had seized a hidden fuel storage tank in the town of Altalil and was in the process of distributing the gasoline to residents when the explosion occurred. Roughly 200 people were nearby at the time of the explosion, according to eyewitnesses, as residents waited for their fuel stipend.

Some individuals reported gunfire striking the gasoline tank, however, others claimed that an individual ignited a lighter within close proximity to the tank, causing it to explode. Security and army forces were among the casualties. The Red Cross is still searching the explosion site. Videos and photos shared on social media show several people walking inside a large crater where the tank once was. The incident angered many Akkar residents, who later gathered at the site and set fire to two trucks. The injured were sent to hospitals in Beirut and Tripoli, according to officials.

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