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Germany fears thousands got saline, not Covid vaccine from nurse

In northern Germany, more than 8,000 people have been asked to receive repeat Covid vaccinations due to the actions of one nurse. Police are still investigating the incident, however, this nurse is suspected of injecting saline instead of the Covid-19 vaccine in several cases. The nurse worked at a vaccination center in Friesland, near the North Sea coast of Germany. Initially, police uncovered only six cases of patients receiving the saline injection rather than the vaccine, all of which occurred between March and April. However, the further investigation identified many more cases.

Many of the patients infected by the ploy were aged over 70, making them a high-risk group for the virus. The nurse, a 40-year-old woman, had been sharing anti-covid information on social media and widely criticizing the government for enacting restrictions that aim to curb its spread. So far, roughly 3,600 new appointments have been confirmed. Initially, the nurse claimed that she administered saline to six people to cover up for an accident in which she dropped a vaccine vial on the floor. However, it appears that the nurse purposefully administered saline in many cases. The police have not ruled out that political motive could have been the reasoning for her actions.

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