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Auth Bypass Bug Exploited, Affecting Millions of Routers

Just a few days after being disclosed, cyberattackers have sought to attack home routers from 20 different vendors and ISPs. The cybercriminals are attempting to drop the Mirai variant botnet that is frequently used for conducting DDoS attacks. The flaw, an authentication bypass vulnerability, was found to be affecting multiple different routers and internet-of-things devices. Now, it’s being exploited in the wild. The flaw is tracked as CVE-2021-20090 and was disclosed last week by researchers at Tenable.

According to Tenable’s findings, the flaw affects devices from 20 different vendors, including Beeline, British Telecom, Arcadyan, ASMAX, HughesNet, Telmex, Telstra, Verizon, Telus, and SparkNZ. According to Tenable, millions of devices worldwide may be vulnerable. The cybersecurity firm also released a proof-of-concept demonstrating how it is possible to modify a device’s configuration to enable Telnet on a vulnerable router and gain root access to the device.

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