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Artificial Intelligence may diagnose dementia in a day

Scientists are currently exploring whether an artificial intelligence system may be capable of diagnosing demetia after just one brain scan. The AI machine could also predict whether the condition of the patient will remain stable for years, need immediate treatment, or slowly deteriorate. It currently takes several scans and tests to diagnose a patient with dementia. The system could improve patient outcomes by a great deal due to earlier intervention, researchers state. The earlier treatment is initiated, the sooner the progression of the disease can be slowed and avoid more damage.

The algorithm can identify patterns within the brain scans of thousands living with dementia and those who are worried they may have it, comparing the two to determine whether the concerned patient may be diagnosed with the disease. The patterns are so intricate that even expert neurologists cannot see and match them to patient outcomes in its database. In pre-clinical tests, the artificial intelligence machine was able to diagnose dementia years before symptoms develop and without obvious signs present on the brain scan. In its first trial, about 500 patients will participate to test whether the AI machine works in a clinical setting.

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