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FBI Warns Cybercriminals Eyeing Broadcast Disruption at Tokyo Olympics

The FBI has released a statement regarding the Tokyo Olympics, claiming that they are prepared to intercept attempts from threat actors to hijack video feeds or cause other disruptions to the event. The Olympics have already been targeted by threat actors, however, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Cyber Division recently issued a warning that its TV broadcast is likely to be plagued by attacks as threat actors look to interfere with the only way that individuals may view events. Due to Covid-19, there are no spectators present at this year’s Olympics.

The FBI stated that adversaries seeking to disrupt the event could use social engineering or phishing campaigns as a means to obtain initial access to systems. The malicious attackers may plant malware that would disrupt the broadcasting of certain events, likely those that are highly anticipated. The FBI added that the Olympics will likely be a target for both cybercriminals and nation-state actors who are aiming to make money, discredit adversaries, advance ideological goals, sow confusion, and increase their notoriety.

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