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Haiti Inaugurates New Leader Two Weeks After President’s Assassination

Ariel Henry has become the new prime minister of Haiti as of Tuesday, just two weeks after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. The country is beginning to hold official ceremonies to mourn the former leader. The police have reportedly widened the list of suspects in his killing. Henry, a prominent neurosurgeon backed by the US, was inaugurated to lead the Caribbean nation through troublesome times, the formation of a new government, and mounting civil unrest. Henry stated that his main goal is to hold elections within 120 days. The elections will be held by a newly formed electoral council due to claims that Mr. Moïse had illegitimately appointed the current body.

Dr. Henry also plans to appoint new board members to ensure that elections may take place as soon as possible. He plans to meet with current members on Wednesday and work with other politicians to ensure that those campaigning will be able to do so peacefully. Dr. Henry and his ministers will not run for president in the upcoming elections, during which Haitians will also elect new members of Congress. Over the past several months, Haiti has been troubled with brutal fighting between ganglands, a lack of parliamentary rule, and a dysfunctional Supreme Court due to Mr. Moïse’s death.

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