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Explosion Kills at Least Nine Chinese Nationals in Pakistan

On Wednesday, a blast in Pakistan killed at least nine Chinese nationals travelling in the northern region of the country. The victims were riding on a bus along with at least four other Pakistanis, according to local officials. The cause of the blast remains unclear, however, Chinese building sites, symbols, and citizens have been attacked by local insurgents in Pakistan over the last several months. China is currently carrying out a multi-billion dollar infrastructure building program. The incident marks the largest loss of Chinese lives in recent years in Pakistan.

The incident occurred on Wednesday morning when the Chinese nationals were riding on a bus to work on building the Dasu dam in the mountains of the northeast region of Pakistan. According to officials, the blast forced the bus off the road and into a ravine below.  At least 27 others were injured as a result of the blast, and a dozen remain in critical condition. Several survivors were taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital. The Chinese embassy in Pakistan has launched emergency protocols as a result of the alleged attack and has pushed Pakistan to investigate the situation.

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