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CTOs Keeping Quiet on Breaches to Avoid Cyber Blame Game

According to new research, roughly one-third of IT leaders are not disclosing breaches due to fears that they might lose their jobs. A new poll by Keeper Security polled 1,000 UK IT decision-makers, finding that although 92% reported suffering a breach within the past year, only 36% reported the incident. The professionals surveyed were employees at businesses of between 100 and 5,000 employees. The report also found that over three-quarters of the professionals felt unprepared to deal with growing cybersecurity threats to their organizations.

Keeper Security also detailed that the fallout of successful attacks is also becoming more significant, costing one in 10 businesses over $1 million. Furthermore, 92% of those polled stated that they were aware of gaps in their defenses, however, less than half are addressing them. An astonishing 32% of respondents also admitted to using weak credentials to protect sensitive data. The survey’s findings provide insight into the context of the current IT environment in the UK in which cybersecurity is on the side burner, despite the severity and consequences of attacks becoming more severe.

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