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Political Crisis in Haiti Deepens Over Rival Claims to Power

Two competing prime ministers claimed the right to run Haiti as the political situation intensified on Thursday. The power struggle began after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in his home on Wednesday. Haiti’s interim prime minister, Claude Joseph has taken control of the police and army and declared a “state of siege.” The declaration put the country under martial law, but both constitutional experts and a rival have challenged his power to do so.

Two days before his assassination, President Moise had appointed a new prime minister, Ariel Henry, who was supposed to take up the role of prime minister this week. The competition of prime ministers leaves diplomats concerned about societal collapse that could incite violence or prompt Haitians to flee the country, as they have in other periods of instability. American officials have supported interim prime minister, Mr. Joseph’s claim to control the country.

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