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Saudi-led coalition says it intercepted Houthi drone from Yemen

A bomb-laden drone fired by Houthi rebels was intercepted by a Saudi-led coalition in yemen on Friday. This was the third attack within 48 hours. The drone was heading towards the southwest Khamis Mushait region and was shot down by the coalition’s air defence. The coalition released a statement that cited the Houthi militia is continuing to target civilians and the coalition must continue to deal with the imminent threat.

The Houthis have not commented on the statement. The US State Department said on Thursday that they are fed up with the Houthi attacks as they are exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The Houthis fired two missiles earlier this week at Yemen’s city of Marib and killed at least three people, including a child. The Houthi rebels have launched 128 drone raids and 31 ballistic missile attacks on Saudi Arabia since the beginning of this year. 

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