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Russia’s Putin Challenges U.S. Leadership, Asserts Military Might

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin challenged US leadership in world affairs, stating that an era of US hegemony has come to an end. Mr. Putin also touted Moscow’s growing military strength and assertive foreign policy. The remarks were made at an annual event at which he answers questions posed by ordinary Russians. The statements also come just two weeks after a summit with President Biden in Geneva where the two leaders sought to ease tensions yet made little headway. At the same time, US President Biden has declared Russia to be increasingly isolated by sanctions and a struggling economy.

At the Wednesday event, Mr. Putin made it very clear that he views the US as a waning power. Earlier this month, Russia and the US agreed that relations between them had reached a post-Cold War low, expressing hopes that the summit would lead to greater cooperation over time. Mr. Biden, however, stated that he was not confident that Putin would change behaviors without significant pressure from Western democracies.

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