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LinkedIn’s 1.2B Data-Scrape Victims Already Being Targeted by Attackers

Just days after LinkedIn was targeted in another data-scraping attack consisting of 700 million LinkedIn profiles, the victims of the attack are being targeted by cybercriminals. The data scraping incident resulted in the trove of information being posted to a popular hacker forum. The vast amount of lifted data is currently being refined to identify specific targets, potentially signaling a series of LinkedIn-fueled attacks. The data scrap was discovered earlier this week after researchers found the cache of information, most of which was publicly available via LinkedIn users’ profiles. This data scrape follows another operation that occurred in April, exposing 500 million LinkedIn users.

A total of 1.2 billion LinkedIn users have now had their personal and professional data stolen, making them likely targets in phishing, ransomware, display-name spoofing, or other attacks. Yesterday, a database filled with the personal information of 88,000 business owners from the latest data scrape was shared in RaidForum, targeting executives. The advertisement stated that they specifically isolated US business owners who have changed jobs over the past 90 days and may be more susceptible to clicking malicious links or a phishing attack.

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