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Miami Building Collapse Relatives Face Agonising Wait for News

Families and friends missing individuals involved in the Miami building collapse wait anxiously as rescue teams continue to conduct missions aimed to locate and save those still trapped in the rubble. As of Sunday, nine people have been confirmed dead and 152 are still missing. Yesterday, a number of relatives visited the site and shouted the names of missing family members, hoping to receive a response. Those missing include the sister of Paraguay’s first lady. The search for survivors has been slow at the Champlain Tower Apartment complex, which collapsed last Thursday. An estimated 55 units were demolished in the incident.

Relatives called on authorities to do more during a meeting over the weekend. Those confirmed dead include a senior couple married for 58 years, Antonio and Gladys Lozano, 83 and 79 respectively. The building collapsed within 12 seconds, according to officials, taking down half of the total building. Rescue teams have been utilizing sonar equipment and search dogs to attempt to locate survivors and rescue them. It is unclear how the building collapsed or the cause behind the tragic accident.

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