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Iran-Backed Militias Threaten Revenge After U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria

On Monday, Iran-backed militias vowed to take revenge against the US after the country conducted overnight airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. The event underscores Iraq’s inability to rein in the groups that have been responsible for attacks on American troops in the past. The US strikes allegedly killed four members of the paramilitaries. A lawmaker affiliated with the militias stated that Americans believe only in the language of force, condemning the attacks.

The US and Iran are currently involved in indirect talks in Vienna to revive the 2015 nuclear deal that restricted Tehran’s nuclear activity in exchange for lifting international sanctions. Former President Trump exited the deal in 2018, launching a pressure campaign on Iran to roll back military activity. However, this move has caused increased tensions down the line for the Biden administration. Iran funds and arms militant groups throughout the Middle East and its influence has expanded in recent years despite pressure from the US to back down. There has been no comment regarding the airstrikes from Iran’s government. The airstrikes were a response to a campaign of drone attacks perpetrated by the militias on American military presence in Iraq.

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