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Ohio Medicaid Provider Suffers Data Breach

On Monday, the Ohio Department of Medicaid warned that they had detected unauthorized access to their network. The breach occurred for two days in May and may have resulted in the theft of personal data, according to the organization. The data impacted was in the care of Maximus, a company hired by the department to conduct data management. The company boasts 30,000 employees worldwide and 10,000 of those employees work at 11 call centers located in nine US states. The information exposed in the incident includes names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers belonging to the state’s Medicaid providers.

Medicaid patients and beneficiaries were allegedly not impacted by the security incident, which consisted of unauthorized access to Maximus’s network from May 17 to 19, when it was detected by staff. Due to the fact that the intrusion was detected early on, the company’s quick response might have saved customer data from being stolen. An investigation into the incident has been launched and is monitored by the Medicaid department. Individuals impacted by the incident have been offered two years of free credit monitoring services.

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