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Fujifilm Restores Services Following Ransomware Attack

On Monday, Japanese multinational corporation Fujifilm confirmed that it has restored its operations following a recent ransomware attack that disrupted its network. The company operates in a range of areas, including photography, medical electronics, office electronics, biotechnology, chemicals, and optics. The attack was announced on June 4, with Fujifilm confirming that it was forced to shut down its network. Fujifilm immediately launched an investigation into the attack, which revealed that the attack’s spread was limited to specific networks in the country.

The company was able to restore normal business operations for customers and business partners including the reception of orders and product shipments. Fujifilm also stated that it is seeking to eliminate delays for orders affected by the incident. The company states that it has taken measures to ensure protection against unauthorized access. The attack did not result in data compromise, according to Fujifilm. It is unclear which entity is responsible for the attack and which ransomware was used. The company has also not confirmed if a ransom was demanded or paid.

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