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VA Integrates Extended Reality Technology Across Sites and Treatments

The Veteran’s Affairs Department is deploying an improvement program for its extended reality technologies to allow for the department to determine the utility of virtual reality (VR) in falls risk assessments, neurological assessment, palliative care, procedural use, and other functions. The technology will be delivered to VA hospitals across the country, allowing patients to travel to different settings without leaving their hospital beds while providing them with new medical resources. The VA has more than 50 locations currently using VR technology and more than 200 employees actively involved in the technology’s network. The VA also hopes to treat challenges such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression through the VR capabilities.

The improvement pilot will hopefully produce accurate results that determine how the technology can be made better and what is currently working at the 50 locations as the department seeks to expand its VR operations further. VA frontline staff, researchers, medical experts, and external stakeholders are all involved in the network.

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