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McDonald’s Suffers Data Breach

McDonald’s has suffered from a data breach that has impacted customers and employees located in South Korea and Taiwan. The breach, which was the result of a cyberattack, also affected company operations in the United States. An unauthorized third party allegedly broke into the system of McDonald’s Cope. and accessed a relatively small number of files before their presence was detected by IT staff. According to the company, cybercriminals stole personal information pertaining to delivery customers in Taiwan and South Korea, stealing data such as customer emails, numbers, and addresses.

Employee information stolen during the attack includes the names and contact information of McDonald’s workers in Taiwan. No customer payment details were accessed or stolen in the attack, according to the company. The number of files accessed and customers impacted remains unknown. The data breach was detected by external consultants who are contracted to investigate any unauthorized activity on an internal security system. The access was blocked a week after detection, McDonald’s says. In the US, the hackers accessed business contact details for employees and franchisees and compromised restaurant data such as seating capacities and size of play areas. The company plans to notify impacted customers and employees in South Korea and Taiwan.

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