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Schools Forced to Shut Following Critical Ransomware Attack

Two schools located in the south of England, the Skinners’ Kent Academy and Sinners’ Kent Primary School, have been forced to shut down due to a ransomware attack that wreaked havoc on their systems, encrypting files and stealing sensitive data. The schools were attacked on June 2, according to a statement displayed on the trust’s website. The schools are allegedly working with third-party experts, the police, and the National Cyber Security Centre to mitigate any further risks. On-premise servers were targeted in the attack, according to security professionals.

The schools decided to close on Monday after staff emergency contact details, medical records, timetables, and registers were encrypted by the attackers. Data stolen by the attackers include school trip information, policies, human resources files, teaching resources, a large amount of staff data, student data such as medical information, and data pertaining to the schools’ iPad scheme.

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