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Malaysia accuses China of breaching airspace

In the latest development to conflict in the South China Sea, Malaysia has accused China of breaching airspace off the coast of the eastern state of Sarawak. Malaysia stated that it plans to summon China’s ambassador after the incident, which consisted of 16 Chinese military aircraft breaching airspace in the South China Sea. Malaysian fighter jets were deployed to intercept the planes due to suspicious activity in the region. Malaysia’s foreign ministry described the flight as a threat to national sovereignty.

China claims that its aircraft had abided by international law, however. Malaysia, the Phillippines, Brunei, Taiwan, and Vietnam have all contested China’s claim to a massive portion of the South China Sea. The conflict has been ongoing for decades but has intensified in recent years. Beijing claims an area referred to as the nine-dash line, securing it with island-building, patrols, and an increased military presence. China claims that its intentions in the ocean are peaceful. Malaysia air force officials state that the Chinese aircraft were flying in tactical formation and came within 60 miles of the coast of Sarawak. Attempts to contact the fleet were not successful, according to the statement.

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