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US to Regulate Pipeline Cybersecurity

Just a week after Colonial Pipeline allegedly paid a ransom of $4.4 million to the cybercrime gang DarkSide following a destructive ransomware attack, the US Department of Homeland Security announced that it plans to issue its first-ever set of cybersecurity regulations for pipelines. Colonial Pipeline was forced to take its systems offline for five days following the cyberattack, leading to panic buying and fuel shortages along the east coast.

The DHS plans to require pipeline companies to report cybersecurity incidents to federal authorities. The directive will come from the Transportation Security Administration, which operates under the DHS. According to the DHS, the directive is just the first step of many more regulations that are expected to be announced in a few weeks. The rules will dictate what pipeline operators must do to protect their systems from cyberattacks. Post-breach behavior will also be regulated, according to the department. The mandatory regulations will effectively replace the voluntary cybersecurity guidelines previously issued and recommended by the DHS.

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