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Agencies Are Getting Good at Buying AI But Still Have Trouble Securing It

As agencies begin to implement more artificial intelligence systems and other advanced technologies into their operations, the struggle has shifted from the actual purchase of the tech to being able to effectively secure the technologies. Jessica Clark, a Homeland Security Department procurement official stated that although the department is able to procure the technology, it fails to deploy them due to security concerns and a lack of ability to ensure that the devices are secure from outside threats. The DHS takes a phased approach to implementing AI and other tech where a large pool of vendors is slowly whittled down until one is chosen for the work.

The goal now is not how to get AI systems, but how to securely use them in a government setting where cybersecurity is of utmost importance and cyber risks are plentiful. As the US government is an attractive target to state-sponsored hackers, APTs, and other malicious groups, it is incredibly important that the vendors chosen by the government are not only able to provide the AI, but able to secure them as well.

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