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Consumers Warned About Surge in Meal Kit Delivery Scams

Cybersecurity firm Tessain has warned consumers to be vigilant about a surge in meal kit delivery scams after uncovering SMS scams impersonating popular companies such as Gousto and HelloFresh. The uptick in meal kit delivery scams is likely a result of their increase in popularity during the Covid-19 lockdown. The scams come in a variety of different forms, for example, several phishing campaigns are impersonating the companies and asking consumers to rate their delivery and enter into a prize draw. The link then delivers the target to a fake website that is designed to harvest credentials.

According to Tessain, the majority of the discovered scams are sophisticated, with some containing more obvious verbiage that points to their illegitimacy. According to the cybersecurity firm, thousands of the SMS and WhatsApp scam messages are delivered at a time. Gousto has warned its consumers about the scams on its Twitter account, stating that their information technology team is looking into the campaign.

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