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Israel launches airstrikes after rockets fired from Gaza in day of escalation

Clashes in Jerusalem on Monday between Palestinian and Israeli forces have led to a day of escalation, with both sides exchanging fire throughout Monday night and early Tuesday morning in Gaza. The clashes left hundreds injured and dramatically increased tensions between the two entities. Israel has launched a series of airstrikes that have killed 24, including 9 children, according to Palestinian health officials. The Israel Defense Forces deny the statement, claiming it killed 15 militants as a result of the airstrikes.

On Tuesday morning, at least six were injured in Ashkelon after a residential building was hit with rocket fire from Gaza. Pictures of the scene show holes in the building’s walls, damage to cars on the street outside, and shattered glass. Israeli forces have reportedly struck 130 military targets in the last 24 hours, with almost all of them allegedly belonging to Hamas. The IDF maintains that they are targeting Hamas operations and intelligence locations in Gaza. Israel also claims that 90% of the rockets flying across the Gaza-Israeli border were intercepted by the country’s Iron Dome air defense system.

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