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This massive DDoS attack took large sections of a country’s internet offline

In Belgium, a huge distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack allegedly took down the websites of more than 200 Belgian organizations, including those in the government, education, and research industries. The attack began at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, overwhelming the websites with traffic and rendering the public-facing website front unusable for users. The attackers originally targeted Belnet, a government-funded ISP provider for Belgium’s educational institutions, research centers, scientific institutes, and government services including ministries and the Belgian parliament. Some debates and committee meetings were postponed due to the attack.

Belgium’s top cybersecurity agency, the Center for Cybersecurity in Belgium, has been working on mitigating the attack and combatting its spread. The agency is also seeking to determine the identity of the attackers. According to the agency, the attack was so disruptive because the attackers kept altering the techniques behind it, making it harder to take down. Belnet stated that its services were back up again roughly a day after the attack, however, it said it was wary about potential follow-up attacks.

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