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Israel’s Netanyahu Fails to Form New Government

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has failed to form a new government prior to a deadline, a development that could potentially end his 15-year rule if his opponents are successful in putting together their own alternative coalition. The country’s president is expected to offer Mr. Netanyahu’s rivals a chance to assemble a government or pass on the responsibility of selecting a new prime minister to Israel’s parliament. If these attempts fail, Israel would face its fifth election since 2019. In the last election, which was held in March, neither Mr. Netanyahu nor his rivals were able to win.

Mr. Netanyahu is Israel’s longest-serving leader and was given his first shot at forming a new government after his party secured the largest share of the votes. However, weeks of negotiations and proposals amounted to nothing on Tuesday night as the deadline passed. Mr. Netanyahu offered to temporarily step aside during these talks, unable to overcome objections originating from his religious partners and right-wing counterparts. Mr. Netanyahu may remain in power if his rivals are unable to complete the same task.

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