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REvil’s Big Apple Ransomware Gambit Looks to Pay Off

The REvil ransomware gang recently made headlines for targeting tech giant Apple in a ransomware scheme initially launched against Quanta, a global manufacturer of electronics who claims Apple among its customers. REvil allegedly compromise Quanta’s systems and was able to access sensitive information pertaining to Apple’s schematics, threatening to release them to the public if Apple did not meet ransomware demands. The gang’s latest move was to leak a set of blueprints for products to turn up the pressure just ahead of Apple’s new product launch.

REvil allegedly accessed schematics for a variety of Apple products, including Apple Watch, Apple Macbook Air and Pro, ThinkPad, and other devices. REvil is also currently holding Quanta servers for ransom, according to a statement posted to the group’s dark website. Quanta has refused to pay the $50 million ransom demand, prompting REvil to begin leaking files. On Tuesday, the group decided to turn up the pressure and leak schematics for new iMacs set to be debuted later in the day at Apple’s Spring Loaded event.

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