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Costco Issues Scam Warning

Costo Wholesale Corporation has released a scam warning, advising its customers to be wary of more than a dozen digital scams currently targeting its customer base. Costco posted screenshots of 14 fraudulent emails, texts, and posts, in which cybercriminals are impersonating Costco to scam its customers. It seems as though the majority of the scams are seeking to lure victims through financial incentives, such as free products, financial reimbursements, exclusive offers, gift cards, and more. Some of the pages seek to trick victims into giving up personal information by asking them to take a short survey to claim a prize.

According to the site, cybercriminals are also exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic to scam customers, with fraudulent promises such as a Covid-19 stimulus package consisting of $130 in free merchandise for those who complete a customer survey. Other tactics include the exploitation of Americans seeking employment, such as one scam that stated Costco was currently taking interviews for positions in the target’s area. Costco clarified that the phishing emails were not legitimate and sought to protect its customers from the ongoing cyber risk.

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