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China could ‘control the global operating system’ of tech, warns UK spy chief

According to the director of the UK’s intelligence and cyber agency, GCHQ, warned that China could control the global operating system of tech even as the UK reaches the point of becoming a global cyber power. The director, Jeremy Fleming, warned that Western allies must continue to invest in and develop cyber defenses or risk falling behind adversaries such as China and Russia. Fleming stated that retaining cyber power in such a fast-paced and changing environment is not guaranteed, prompting him to stress how critical investing in cyber will be over the next several years.

Fleming stated that cybersecurity should receive a whole-nation approach due to the fact that cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly strategic issue. Without action, is it likely that key technologies will be developed and shaped by countries such as Russia and China. The comments were made at the Imperial College Vincent Briscoe Annual Security Lecture.

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