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Syrian air-defence missile lands near Israeli nuclear site

A Syrian anti-aircraft missile has allegedly landed just 20 miles from a secret Israeli nuclear site located in southern Israel. According to the Israeli military, the missile was one of several that were fired towards an Israeli aircraft. Warning sirens allegedly went off at the facility before a large explosion was heard. The Israeli military reported no injuries or damage and responded by attacking several air defense batteries in Syria. Syria’s military stated that Israel targeted sites around Damascus in retaliation for the explosion.

Many of the missiles launched by Israel at Syria were intercepted and downed, however, four Syrian soldiers were injured and local infrastructure endured some damage, according to the country. Israel has identified the missile as an SA-5. Israel frequently conducts strikes on Iranian targets in Syria, claiming that it will not tolerate Iran’s military enrichment of the country. The missile overflew its target, leading it to land by the facility in the southern Negev region of the country. Israeli’s defense system allegedly failed to intercept the projectile.

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