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Campus Still Closed as Portsmouth University Reels from Suspected Ransomware

The University of Portsmouth continues to struggle to recover from a suspected ransomware attack, with key IT systems still down. The attack occurred roughly a week ago, delaying the start of the new term. The university stated that an ongoing technical disruption caused the outage in a notice displayed on the organization’s homepage, however, sources state that the interruption was a result of a cyberattack, likely ransomware. The university went on to assure that the authorities were involved in the incident’s investigations.

The University of Portsmouth stated that it was currently working on securely restoring systems, forcing it to take many offline in best cybersecurity practice. The university was supposed to open on Monday for the start of the summer term, however, the university will remain closed to students until Wednesday. Law enforcement is involved in the incident and is likely working alongside the school’s IT teams to mitigate any further risks and assess damages and implications. The university is the latest victim in a string of attacks against higher education institutions in the US and UK over recent months.

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