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FIN7 Sysadmin Gets 10 Years Behind Bars

Ukrainian national Fedir Hladyr has received 10 years behind bars for his part in financial crimes that cost firms and consumers billions. Hladyr was the manager and sysadmin for FIN7, also known as Carbanak, which is believed to have made millions of dollars by targeted banks, restaurants, gambling, and hospitality firms through hacking. The campaign that Hladyr was involved in has been linked to the compromise of thousands of computer systems across the world, including those in all 50 US states.

Hladyr claims to have joined FIN7 via a front cybersecurity company known as Combi Security. However, Hladyr realized early on that the organization was fraudulent and continues to work for the group, maintaining command-and-control servers, supervising FIN7 hackers, and performing other functions. The group has been in operation since 2015 and is said to have roughly 70 employees broken up into separate business units and teams. The group is responsible for the theft of 20 million customer card records from 6,500 individual point-of-sale terminals at 3,600 separate business locations. The group has caused billions in damages at companies such as Chipotle Mexican Grill, Chilli’s, Arby’s, Red Robin, and Jason’s Deli.

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